Why choose Blinds from LTA Blinds?

Inspired By Colours | Spoilt For Choice

  • What are the window furnishings you currently have in your home?
  • Are you frustrated with the curtains or old blinds that have been up for a number of years? Are they now faded or broken?
  • Do you want to add some vibe and colour to the lounge and dining area of your home, but you are not wanting to spend lots of money in doing so?
  • Does the South Australian summer sun stream into rooms in your property which has begun to damage the furniture and floor coverings in those rooms?
  • Do you run a small business from a home office and you want some blinds that can offer some privacy, but still enable nature light to come in the office?
  • Are you renovating your home to sell and looking for ways that you can increase the sale value of your property?

If the answer to any of the above questions was YES, then your LTA Blind Consultant is the person you need to contact for personable, one to one window furnishing advice, supply and service.


30 minute complimentary consultation

Your LTA Blind Consultant is able to come to your home or property for a 30 minute complimentary consultation and they can also provides a free measure and quote at the time you go ahead with the blind order.


A LTA Blind Consultant can assist you in your choice of blinds

Forget the stress of having to jump in your car and go from one window furnishing showroom to another, instead be in the comfort of your own home and let your LTA Blind Consultant assist you in your choice of blinds – indeed as you sit back and put your feet up, you will be inspired by colour and spoilt for choice.


Features of Blinds

Blinds have a number of features over curtains – their shape and size mean they are not as bulky as having to draw curtains backwards and forwards, the textures and colours can add a lot of vibrancy and visual appeal to a room and best of all it is much easier to control the light within a room with a blind rather than a curtain.


Unique, modern & functional Blinds

If you want something unique, modern and functional then choose from the range that LTA Blinds offers.  Styles, colours and materials work together to create the effect you are wanting for a room or rooms in your home or property – you can choose from materials such as wood, aluminium and polyester. Let your imagination run free and use blinds to add that extra touch of magic and ambience in your home or property.

Experienced in Installation of Interior and Exterior Blinds

As LTA Blinds are experienced in the installation of blinds you can be assured that their advice will include options on what will work best with the type of windows that you have.  Your LTA Blind Consultant can discuss with you what blinds suit particular types of window frames, the types of controls that can be used (for example, for a person with arthritic hands there are easy to hold larger controls that enable the user to open and close the blind as they need), the type of hardware that will be needed to install the blind as well as a perspective on any safety considerations (for example, if there are small children living in the house, then having a long blind cord is not safe to have in their bedrooms for instance).  


All these considerations are part of LTA Blinds outstanding customer service, ensuring your window furnishings are a stand out feature in your home.