How to choose the right Curtains and Blinds?

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Quality, Australian-made and economical blinds in Adelaide

Choosing the right blinds for your home or property can be overwhelming and daunting especially if it is not something you have had to think about before. This is where your LTA Blind Consultant can take the load off your shoulders. LTA Blinds provide a 30-minute complimentary consultation at the start of their time with you, which will help you enjoy the process of selecting blinds for your home or propertyQuality, Australian-made and economical pricing are the primary principles of the blinds supplied by LTA Blinds.

When it comes to your budget you need to factor in, are you getting blinds for all the house – interior and exterior or just one room or part of the house? Some windows you may want to be a focus point more than offers; other matters that can determine the price you will pay are the shape of your window (will you need a custom-sized blind?), the size of the blind and the speciality fabrics, patterns and textures that you may choose.

The thought of cleaning blinds can cause panic even before starting!  Thank goodness there are some wonderful gadgets and products on the market that can be used to keep your blinds super-duper clean (and yes your LTA Blind Consultant can offer you some suggestions). Standard blinds are relatively easy to clean but can attract dust, and some of the textured fabrics can soil more easily than others; so it comes down to how much time and effort you (or the person you outsource it to!) have available.


Choosing your blinds

Determining what your decorating style is will assist you in choosing your blinds – Pinterest is a great social media platform to visit for ideas. Do you prefer classic, modern, chic, electric, vintage and so on or a combination thereof? What about your preference for colour – plain, bold, light shades, mixtures of colours?  What other features will there be in the room – you may like a bold striking look but will that overshadow the furniture pieces you will have or the carpet flooring that already exists in the room?

How many people are living at your home or will live at the property? For example, it may be a bed and breakfast that you are renovating; think about how often the blinds will be used (open and drawn throughout a day), who will be using the blinds.  How easy do the awnings need to be to use on the outside of the windows for example? The tip here is to consider functionality, blind user and frequency of use, which weaves into the safety aspects such as the need for cordless shades for instance rather than overuse from hand pulling on a cord.


Where are the windows needing the blinds located in your house? 

If the blinds are for example in the bedroom – is there a shift worker who needs to ensure the light in the room is blocked out?  Is the children’s rumpus room the sunniest area in the house – how much light and privacy do you want in that room?

Your LTA Blind Consultant is at your service and can walk you through each of these points of consideration – no window is too small or large, no amount of windows is not enough or too much. LTA Blinds is here to serve its customers with excellence, providing interior and exterior blinds that add value to homes and properties in every way.