About LTA Blinds

Inspired By Colours | Spoilt For Choice

High Quality Blinds

Lam Le, Managing Director of LTA Blinds and his team of LTA Blinds Consultants delight in supplying affordable, high quality blinds for clients, along with outstanding customer service and care.

Lam is a Mechanical Engineer who made the move from Victoria to Adelaide with his family in 2010. Since this time he has established and run LTA Blinds: a window furnishings installation business, providing installation services to both commercial and residential clients. Lam is known for his attention to detail and his expertise on what type of window furnishings are best for a particular setting.

In 2016 this family run business, LTA Blinds is excited to be expanding its services by becoming a supplier, as well as an installer, of window furnishings. LTA Blinds offers an exceptional range of Australian made blinds to furnish both the interior and exterior windows of South Australian homes and properties.


Installation and Servicing of Blinds

The benefits for customers of LTA Blinds is  they are able to partner with a business for the full process of advice and choice of blinds, through to the installation and servicing of the blinds. Making the window furnishing experience for their customers an easy, convenient, affordable and quality one is what LTA Blinds prides itself on. Their guarantee is that customers will in engaging LTA Blinds be inspired by colour and spoilt for choice.

A range of wholesalers across Australia

If there is a blind in their current range that LTA Blinds do not have available, then that is not a problem. LTA Blinds has connections with a range of wholesalers across Australia where they can source the Australia-made blind that a customer would like for their window furnishing. This is what will stand out most to customers of LTA Blinds: the effort, diligence and joy that is taken in customer service – always exceeding customer expectations and going the second mile.

Adding window furnishings to a property can often be one of the last things that can be thought about when a home is being built or renovated; focus is first on what walls are to go up or in the case of renovation it is about what wall is to be knocked down! LTA Blinds understands that building, renovating and upgrading can be a stressful time so they set out to make the blind choosing and installation process hassle-free, enjoyable and not one that is going to break the bank.

The interior blinds that LTA Blinds can supply and install range from Holland, Vertical, Venetian, and Sheer Fold through to Timbers, Pleated Shades, Cellular Shades and Plantation Shutters. The range of exterior blinds include Awnings, Ziptraks and Shutters. The window furnishings sold by LTA Blinds are Australian made with a focus on affordability and high quality.